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Onto Classes, Here We Go

Here we are! Today is the first day of the spring semester and it's time to get started on all of the projects I have been thinking about over break. Last week, my Ubisoft competition team had a video chat and played Jackbox. I had a really great time! I'm very excited to work with the team, they are great people and I know that we can make an awesome game together.

The only class that I have today is the Food Writing in Montreal course. This is going to be a very interesting class, I am not much of a chef myself and I will be learning a lot through this semester. I've always been terrible at cooking because I'm always afraid of burning things, but hopefully we can overcome that fear this semester. I'm also a picky eater, but I will have to get over that pretty quickly, which I am not opposed to.

The week is pretty balanced as well- I have one class today, 3 tomorrow, and 2 on Friday. It'll be very nice to have the couple of days off. Last semester, I had multiple short classes every day and I think it'll be a great change to mostly have one-two longer ones on some days.

Champlain is following the lead of many other colleges this semester and will be cancelling spring break. We will be going the entire ~4 months straight. I understand why- if people leave campus for a week, they can't safely come back. They did give us an extra week of winter break to compensate, but burnout is incredibly likely for the coming months. We will get through it.

We are expected to be writing blog updates for the production course, so I will be making another subsection for those. I'm very excited for it all, I love logging things to see the progress over time and to organize all of my thoughts every once in a while. Our professor also seems super lovely and she shows us many pictures of her cat. We also got a bonus photo of a cute frog- so score.

Even though I won't be in Montreal- I hope to make the most of this semester. I'd like to try and live a little healthier, make routines that I like and can stick to, and I really want to keep myself organized. I am a very organized person, but last semester I felt that I lost control of my time. I felt like things were just thrown at me and I had to take them on as they came, rather than having a plan and knowing what to expect. I'm looking forward to what the semester brings and I hope there are many opportunities and memories to be had.

Have a great week everyone, have a great end to January and let's make the most of lovely February


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