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Making Progress!

Projects are tougher to update at this time, I either can't share much from the pre-production stages or I am making the slow beginning progress of the project. I'm having a great time, but the visible and sharable progress is a little slow for now. Hopefully things will be kicking up next week!

On outside news, one of my favorite games I've found in beta is now released on Steam- Rhythm Doctor! This game is not a small one, but I absolutely spent plenty of time playing the free Flash version online. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it. The whole game is such an enjoyable package- with cute art and music, awesome musical mechanics, and plenty of replayable gameplay. I personally was blown away by the end of act II, but I won't spoil the surprise performance piece.

Ubisoft is going strong! I'm so happy with what the game concept is becoming, I can't wait to play it myself. The programming has been a lot of foundation building so far with networking and establishing foundation while the design is solidified. I also spent time creating a guide to Git for my producer. He's a very visual person, and so I made a graphic series with a little repo cloud that puts presents in a tree. Here is his personal favorite so far, explaining a merge conflict:

All of the photos are random from Google and I did my best in Microsoft Word 2010, if that gives you any idea of how the photo quality is.

Hopefully I can get some developer blogs going soon, I just wrote one for my Unreal project which can be found here. In the meantime, here's some concept art our artists have created, and here's our team twitter @Spiral_Shell if you would like to stay in the loop!

I hope everyone is having a great day and has a wonderful week.


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