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Updates to New Chapters

So many things!

The Ubisoft Game Lab Competition is up and running! We are in the process of prototyping and I am so excited. I'm hoping that I can start posting more blogs under an Ubisoft category, but I will get to that mainly when we start building and have a solid concept we are pursuing. Stay tuned! I also have a phone interview scheduled at Ubisoft for this week. I am so nervous, but incredibly excited. It's all so cool!

In another big update, the article I made with my teacher in 2018 is officially published!! The link is in the Other Projects tab if anyone wants to take a look. I am so excited about the opportunity and I'm so lucky to have been able to do this with my teacher and his project partner. It was such an amazing experience and I still can't believe that the article is actually published and viewable now.

We are working on the Unreal learning process and it's been super interesting. There are so many small things that are different from Unity and it's been a lot to try and learn all of it quickly, but it's really fun. I'm very excited for the Unreal projects coming up in the next few months. I will be making 2 games- one for the competition and one for an advanced seminar- which will be an independent project. So exciting!

So a lot of things are happening right now. I'm so glad everything is getting off to a great start and I can't wait to keep working through the semester to make great things and learn as much as I can. I hope everyone has a great week, and have a happy Valentine's day weekend!


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