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Coauthor and head programmer | Created a program on the TI-84 calculator to calculate suggested drug dosage for patients. The project was completed in Summer of 2018 when I was starting my first year in college. Article is currently published in Math Teacher Magazine in February, 2021 issue. Presented article findings at Hudson River Valley Math Conference at Smith College in March of 2019. Please don't hesitate to reach out for a .pdf copy!

Image by Ray Reyes
Senior project and senior boards_ ✔.jpg


Engineer | Built a percussive instrument made of PVC piping for a senior project. Performed on the instrument in spring of 2018:

Watch it here

Machina Jewelry

Artist | Creating crystal necklaces and jewelry, taking commissions and selling pieces with photographs posted on Instagram and Facebook. I wire wrap each piece by hand and select all crystals myself, sustaining my small side hobby business in my free time, running since early 2020.



What I do when I'm not making games

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