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Break pt. 3 - Start of 2021

We have made it into the new year! I was a member of the group that was scared the calendar would suddenly read December 32nd. But here we are!

New years was very small for this year- just staying home and watching the ball drop. I made it to midnight though, which was an achievement. The next semester is quickly approaching and I'm still excited, but also very nervous.

I learned today that this is the 3rd year that Champlain has participated in the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition, which is crazy to me. I thought it was much more than that. I'm very excited and honored to be able to create and be on a team this year.

I think the main thing I will miss from the Burlington campus is the people. Even though we are all still virtual, I will not have most of them in any of my classes because they are "abroad." I'm very excited to interact with new professors, new teammates, and have new experiences- but I'll miss Burlington students too.

I'm traveling to Vermont with my significant other in a few days to visit his parents. It'll be the first time on a plane since we got our stuff in March of 2020. I'm nervous about it, but I hope that we will be alright. We plan on quarantining the whole time we are there and then quarantining again when we get back to Colorado. I'm very excited to see his family, it will be fun.

The break has been full of personal life ups and downs, so I hope that I can relax for the next 2 weeks and then be well rested to jump into the next semester. I am very excited, even if I'm very nervous on the surface.

I hope everyone had a lovely new years and has a lovely start to 2021!


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