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Break pt. 2 - End of 2020

If there's anything that 2020 has taught me, it's that I have found how to live without regretting things. The concept of the butterfly effect has always been something interesting, but it's been crazy to see it happen so much in one year. Each time that I have a friend with a Covid scare, it's scary to think about how I could have caught it if I didn't stay inside and stick to quarantine.

With larger scale events- I chose to live off campus for the fall semester. During the spring semester, we had to handle a situation of flying back to Vermont, completely moving out of the dorms, and driving back to Colorado. We did it within 3 days. I didn't want to have to do it again this semester- especially when we can't stay at hotels on the way back and driving would be so much more complicated. I was worried I would regret not going back to Vermont, but that ended up being the best decision for me, because the apartments were given 48 hours to leave before Thanksgiving break.

Even in moments where I didn't do something and I would regret that. I have learned that I am happy with where I am and I wouldn't want to risk some small change affecting anything. It's a very hypothetical situation all together- but I will say it's very freeing to feel no regrets because I am grateful for where I am now.

I've also learned how to find anything to hold onto for hope and light through dark times. Quarantine is very boring at times- which is something I am sure most people have experienced now. Some days if news about the pandemic was looking down, it was a necessity to focus on what was good through all the bad.

Even through all the bad this year- I have had those small successes. I passed all of my classes. I did my first and second game jams. I got to celebrate Christmas with my significant other and close family that I have been quarantining with. I found that I like Animal Crossing and have made an island that I'm happy with and villagers that I love. Even putting up the tree was a win for me.

I want to take this week to find and plan happy things and goals for 2021. Even if I make small goals like to make a dream trip, but don't take the dream trip until it's safe. Or to find what pets I wanna adopt someday and what to name them, like a chinchilla named Pistachio.

It's been nice to be on break. It feels a little more normal to not be taking classes through Zoom every day. I think I'll be ready to go back when the spring semester starts, but these few weeks off are going to be nice. I'm excited.

There's a quote that I can only find a source of "Book of Prosperity" for, but it goes

" I am grateful for all that is known to me, and all that is yet to be shown to me "

and I feel that's the idea I am hoping to take with me from 2020.

Happy new year, everyone. Here's to 2021.

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